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1. Current Poll

Former President Clinton's memoirs hit stores this week. Does Clinton's return to the news affect Democrat Kerry's campaign positively?

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2. Previous Poll Question 7 (6/7 - 6/23)

Only 10% of college grads have secured a job, and 35% of grads are still looking. Do you think this is normal, or due to a lack of jobs?

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3. Previous Poll Question 6 (5/24 - 6/6)

The US government should remain involved in Iraq after the planned turn over of control to new Iraqi leadership.

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4. Previous Poll Question 5 (5/6 - 5/23)

In light of Howard Stern's recent brush with the FCC, what would you do in his shoes?

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5. Previous Poll Question 4 (4/21 - 5/5)

Which of the following best reflects your perspective on the power of YOUR vote?

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6. Previous Poll Question 3 (4/15 - 4/20)

Of the following, which is the best way for the government to help young people with economic opportunity?

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7. Previous Poll Question 2 (3/8 - 3/14)

As the election approaches, what is the most important issue?

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8. Previous Poll Question 1 (2/23 - 2/29)

Looking ahead to the 2004 presidential election, how will you vote?

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