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In one of two easy ways you can participate in the Rock the Vote Mobile poll! What are you waiting for? It's mobile politics, it's on the go, and it's your opportunity to let the country know what you think. Join our campaign today and show America how to Rock the Vote Mobile!

1. Text Message your answer from your wireless phone!
SMS your vote* through your Cingular or Verizon wireless service.
  • Type in the corresponding number of your answer in your SMS message, and send it to short code RTVMO (78866).

    Of the following, which is the best way for the government to help young people with economic opportunity?

    Protect unemployment benefits - Send 1
    Raise minimum wage - Send 2
    Improve health insurance - Send 3
    Reduce college costs - Send 4
    Reduce budget deficit/debt - Send 5
    Promote housing affordability - Send 6

2. Use your WAP Mobile Phone Browser to Rock the Vote Mobile!
Take democracy to the next level using your WAP Browser*.
  • Direct your browser to
  • Follow the prompts to enter your info

* Call and/or data charges may apply.

The opinions expressed by poll results and/or individual participants do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Motorola, Inc., Rock The Vote and/or any related subsidiaries.

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